Third Party Software Integration

What is Integration?
Integration is combining individual computing systems or software applications into a single access platform, for maximum user efficiency

What are the Benefits?
Integrating GPS data with other business software’s is beneficial to you because it provides a complete view into your fleet operations. By combining data from different sources in the format you need, you have better information to make better business decisions.

The Types of Integration that VistaTrack GPS offers:

API’s: API’s or Application Program Interface provides communication to push or pull data about your fleet between our servers and your back-end computer systems; Dispatch, CRM,etc. These require someone on your end that is familiar with them, you IT guy. The most common API requested is to send vehicle/ asset location information only.

GIS Map Overlays: Map overlays or GIS maps are business specific mapping information that is layered into our tracking applications mapping. This way you can view business specific things such as power lines, pipelines or well sites and your vehicles at the same time.

Data dump or download: Data Dump takes information from two systems and brings them together on a set scheduled to provide a report or summary of the information. The fuel card report is a perfect example of this type of integration. All fuel card data is sent to VistaTrack and matched up daily with vehicle location data to determine possible fuel card fraud.