Mapping Interface

Browser-based Mapping (Powered by Google Maps)

  • View full screen or in viewlets mini maps mode
  • Map views are: standard, satellite and hybrid with traffic, and street view
  • View vehicle groups and icon shapes with group clustering
  • Search bar to filter vehicles, drivers, or statuses
  • Quick click access to location, simple address creation and driving directions with messaging, and historic vapor trails

3D Google Earth Mapping

  • Use Google Earth for fleet location and playback history, and to visualize reports
  • Allows for thousands of vehicles and address markers
  • A number of reports export to Google Earth 3D for a unique analysis of your fleet’s speeding, off-hours usage and idling.
  • Run historical playback in a time lapse video within Google Earth
  • “Street View” capability allows for a realistic view of where your vehicles are with street level photos

Mobile Mapping

  • Available for all smart devices
  • Support for Google Maps App or browser-based mapping