Complete Historical Data

If you need it, we have it.

You need to have access to the historical data of your fleet to compare and analyze potential issues and insure savings to the bottom line. Some fleet managers only need a few months or weeks of history, but others need to go back years, we can accommodate both.

Fleet owners value our unlimited historical data for these reasons:

Potential Billing Disputes

Go back as far as you need to verify time on the job-site or in a specific location.

Documenting Employee Behavior

Management can check historical data to prove or disprove driver issues.

Comparative Analysis

Business owners can compare data that was reported on, as far back as they would like and see year to year data to analyze savings.

Fleet Compliance

Provide proof that a fleet is compliant with laws, regulations and company policies.

Legal Standing

Prove a driver was wrongfully given a ticket or provide evidence in court of legal action.

VistaTrackGPS offers 3-years of vehicle history standard, not your typical 90-days like our “competition”. If a customer requests more than 3-years, VistaTrackGPS can provide it at no additional cost.