Driver ID (optional)

Driver ID allows you to track Drivers in each Vehicle.

Any activity performed by the vehicle during the time a driver was keyed in will be associated with that driver for reporting purposes. Mapping displays driver information, and alerts/messaging will have the driver’s contact information as an override to the default vehicle information

  • Driver-Specific Reports – View idling, speeding, miles driven, stops, POI’s visits, and off-hours reports by driver, not by vehicle
  • Administrative Control – Set up which drivers are assigned to which vehicles
  • Accountability – View which vehicle was driven by which driver at a particular time (e.g. for toll violations, parking violations and customer complaints)
    Driver Assignment – Drivers can be assigned to a vehicle in 5 different ways; manual (via the web interface), key-fob reader in the vehicle (optional), sending the Driver ID via Garmin and via Text message (API required)