Dashboard Interface

Our dashboard interface affords you a live view of your fleet in real time. We provide our clients the tools to take full control of their fleet from one screen.

Variable windows called “viewlets” provide insight via real time mapping, vehicle location, alerts, graphs and messages. The viewlets may be moved around the screen, customizing you complete dashboard experience.

All your fleet management can be handled from your customized interface. Scheduling reports, setting up alerts or administering your vehicles.

  • 25+ configurable Viewlets available
  • Select from 1 to 4 columns with varying widths and heights
  • Select your Viewlets with personal options and save your customization
  • Select a single vehicle to follow or groups of vehicles to view on screen
  • Select icons, address markers, speed and time variables for your customization
  • Save individual dashboard layouts with all your options exactly as you deigned
  • We allow as many as 50 complete dashboard configurations to be saved per-user