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We offer multiple GPS tracking devices to fit your business needs. From small and discrete to large heavy-duty, we have the right device for any type of fleet. Benefits include the reduction of overtime hours, speeding, vehicle idling, unauthorized off hour usage, fuel card fraud, vehicle theft, and more. Vehicles are tracked 24/7  by our cloud-based software or from any smart device such as an iPhone, Android, or tablet.

Reduce Fuel Usage

Monitoring your fleet cuts down on excessive idling, unnecessary trips, and inefficient routes saving you valuable fuel expense.

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Monitoring your fleet allows for preventative maintenance: oil changes, tire rotations, engine hour servicing... Saving you valuable downtime.

Real-Time Visibility

Monitoring your fleet allows you to know where your fleet is at all times... You can only manage what you can see!

Reduce Payroll Expenditures

Monitoring your fleet lets you know when your crews arrive and leave job sites, allowing for accurate billing and payroll expenses.

About Us

VistaTrackGPS provides Live Internet-based vehicle tracking and asset management. Our GPS trackers will work with cars, trucks, vans, light duty, heavy duty or just about any type of vehicle. We track both powered and non-powered assets.

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Electronic Logging Device + GPS Tracking Device

The ELD-2000 is our HOS solution that is modern, easy to use, and of the highest quality. The ELD Electronic Log allows you to easily implement location intelligence in a mixed fleet, plus vehicle tracking and location reporting is always recorded in the event of a display device problem.

Our GPS Tracking Product Line

With a GPS tracking device from VistaTrackGPS, you can trust that you have a quality product upon which to rely.

Our GPS devices offer you a variety of options from which to choose. VistaTrackGPS uses both cellular and satellite networks to track vehicles and assets depending on your location, the type of asset, and your specific needs.


We were amazed at how accurate the GPS for speed measurement was. We were able lower insurance costs because of the safety of our drivers.

Hu Wei

Other providers signals were so weak that a normal GPS receiver couldn't determine a position in areas obstructed by buildings. Vistatrack Gps sold us because we stayed connected.

Wayne Johnson

We've enjoyed the Vistatrack GPS program, which works better than most of the popular GPS hardware available.

Ashley Richardson